Alfaquadri has all the functions and production departments necessary for the manufacture of its products and to ensure that our Customer receive a complete service from sales assistance to after sales services including design, manufacture of metal parts, cabling and final testing.

The Sales Department consists of qualified technicians able to study the Clients requirements and to propose the best solution both from the technical as well as financial aspect.
The flexibility of our products, the components available on the market, the various experiences which our Clients have in various sectors allow us to propose alternative technical, economic solutions with the aim of increasing the range of possibilities of the Client’s choice.
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The Design office is comprised of both mechanical as well as electrical engineers.
The main activity of the Department is the development of projects according with Customers requirements and then sending the necessary information to the other departments.
The skills of the technicians allows a choice of components, which are more suitable for their destined use, in order to ensure the best reliability of the product in the time.
The constant contact with the Customer during the development of the project allows real time management of variations, thus generating the lowest possible effect on delivery times.
The software for the calculation and design, mechanical and electrical parts, allow extrapolating, from standard projects, custom solutions optimized for each customer. 
The switchboards are designed and manufactured in according with current and standard rules and in terms of the specifications defined by the Client..
As provided by our quality control system, all projects are subject to review, controls and validation are supplied with certifications and manuals.

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The carpentry department is equipped with CNC machines for sheet metal working like shears, punching machines, folders and welding machines. The materials used are mainly steel laminate of various thickness both pickled as well as hot galvanized, which constitute the structures of the various types of switchboards produced by Alfaquadri.
The manufacturing cycle includes measurement controls at each step before passing on to the following phase, as required by our quality system.
The control instruments used are regularly checked and calibrated, and is registered in a dedicated register.
These activities, undertaken by qualified personnel, ensure maximum care and precision in the realization of products.
The entire carpentry department is exclusively dedicated to the production of Alfaquadri switchboards..
The corporate choice of not outsourcing this production cycle finds in origin in the idea of preserving the company’s “culture” to manufacture products, maintain flexibility of production and always guarantee to the Client a perfect product, certain timing and contents.

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All the components and the semi-finished materials purchased are checked in phase of acceptance.
Checks carried out differ in line with the type of component or material.
Semi-finished works whose surfaces are treated such as painted or galvanized are subject to thickness and adhesion tests using proper tools calibrated in external laboratories.
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The department is equipped with CNC machines for the manufacture of copper bars, including shears, punching machines, folders and welding machines. .
It also has an oven for the application of heat resistant sheaths as specifically requested by Customers.
The instruments used for checking size and tightening of bolds are subject to regular calibration in external laboratories.
A multi-use portable machine is available for carrying out modifications, adaptation and retrofitting of existent switchboards at the Client, whether produced by Alfaquadri or other manufacturers.
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The Assembly and Cabling department, assembles and connects all the parts up to completion of the finished product.
The department is equipped with pneumatic lifting equipment, which allows operators to properly carry out their activities.
Cabling and marking system of conductors ensures maximum flexibility to meet the requirements of Customer specifications.
The quality system adopted defines the controls applicable the end of each phase of the assembly and cabling cycle.

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The testing Department is responsible for testing and certifying the product at the end of the production cycle.
The activities and checks carried out are defined in our internal procedures, the IEC applicable regulations and the control plans approved by the Customer. The result of these activities is recorder and formalized through reports and certifications issued to the Customer at the end of the tests and upon acceptance of the product.
Customers may, at their discretion, attend and participate during part or all of the testing process.
To do this, Alfaquadri has a dedicated area as well a series of instruments and machinery calibrated in external labs.
All these factors allow Alfaquadri to perform testing in terms of IEC standards applicable to MT and BT switchboards and tests not requested by standards, but which are equally important such as heating tests, primary current injection, calibration of the protection relay, calibration of the Variable Speed Drivers and Soft Stater etc.
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Packaging of switchboards either for local or for seas delivery is made within the Alfaquadri premises in dedicated areas. In this way, the finished product does not risk being damaged by movement at external suppliers, which do not have proper protection systems.
Packaging must be in line with Client specification on in terms of Alfaquadri standards in terms of contract provisions.
By means of overhead cranes that have a load bearing capacity of 5t, the packaged switchboards can be loaded onto transport in line with the type of delivery selected.
If necessary and upon the request of the Client, it is possible to store finished and packaged products in closed areas at our warehouses.
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The high skills level of our staff allows Alfaquadri to provide its Clients with after sales services during the guarantee period and after. The service may be given both by telephone to assist the Client during use and maintenance of the product as well as directly on the equipment by physically going to the client and providing the undertaking with the necessary action on the equipment in question.
In order to do this, besides possessing the necessary skills to operate both onshore as well as offshore, staff is also equipped with appropriate measuring and testing tools.
Measuring instruments are calibrated and certified in external laboratories.


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These elements together enable Alfaquadri to provide assistance mainly consisting of the following: assisting in commissioning including Variable Speed Driver and Soft Starter, substitution and maintenance of components, electrical protection, data transmission testing and adjustment of existing switchboards in line with the equipment requirements.

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