With more than fifty years’ experience and the high skills level of its Personnel, allow Alfaquadri to offer and guarantee various services to its clients, including:

  • Feasibility studies and sizing of switchboards for newly built equipment and cabins.
  • Feasibility studies and financial assessment in relation to modification and expansion of existent switchboards including those not produced by Alfaquadri.
  • Assistance and supervision during fixing, installation and assembly, which can be directly carried out by AQ personnel.
  • Assistance in commissioning including all testing activities, engine rotation checks, checks on automatic transfer, check communication for electronic devices, setting and checks on calibration of Variable Speed Drivers and Soft Starter.
  • Modification of switchboards including the substitution of components, copper bar connections, modification structure and modification of the cabling and relative testing upon completion of works. These activities can be carried out both on electrical switchboards manufactured by AQ as well those produced by others.
  • Planning and execution maintenance activities ordinary and extraordinary, including cleaning, checking tightening torques, testing of components and calibration of protection devices.
  • Supply and substitution of components and parts.
  • Training of Customer Staff, with courses near our headquarter or near customer headquarter.
  • Editing protection coordination.

The technicians of Alfaquadri have all the qualifications to operate on international onshore and offshore installations.

Alfaquadri thanks to its staff with a high number of specialized technicians is able to guarantee the intervention on call in a very short time.